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Idea to product

You have an idea for a new product or service, either as a new company or within an existing corporate. Are you faced with: how to get to the nitty gritty of what will work, what is needed now and what later, how to architect it all, who is going to build and manage it, how can we scale when the going gets good? Do you want to get to the right detail fast and launch fast? Call us, we can help.

Software development and analysis

If it involves software and analysis we do it. From wireframes to front ends to web apps to business intelligence to machine learning. Let us provide you with the team you need to do the job – at your premises or ours. Outsourcing, insourcing and team transitioning. Call us, we can help.

Venture Finance and Incubation

We have partnered in a number of ventures. If you have an idea and are looking for partners that can help you with finance, that can shorten your launch cycle and bring in the all-important first revenue, then search no more. We have done it all before, many times. Call us, we can help.



We have been adding value to the South African software based product and services industry for more than 10 years - from design services to development outsourcing to teaching South Africa about Lean and Agile techniques. The essence of what we do: speeding the rate at which South Africa and its citizens benefit from new software based products and services.

After 10 years in the European technology industry, Lionel Bisschoff returned to these shores in 2007 to introduce Lean and Agile tools and techniques to South Africa. Kaizania was formed and had a great impact on product and service development in South Africa:

  • Training
    11 000 candidates trained over 8 years on Lean and Agile techniques CxO’s, management & teams
  • Consulting & Coaching
    connecting strategy -> organisational design -> teams -> delivery for CxO’s across South Africa
  • Delivering
    Corporate projects totalling more than R1bilion delivered
    Multiple startups launched through Lean / Agile consulting, architecture & development

    The Lean/Agile consulting and training division of Kaizania was sold to EOH in 2012, along with the Kaizania brand.

    CreativeCloud is the rebranded software based services division of Kaizania. We have assisted multiple startups launch successfully and look forward to doing so for you, whether you are a new business or a corporate needing to respond to the increasing rate of change in our world.

    We can help, contact us.

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