Innovation? Here is the secret of success…

The 21st century is well underway. It is the century of the knowledge worker, the century in which we automate the world, the century of globally interconnected intelligent software and machines.

The century of mass innovation as opposed to mass production. This space has occupied the minds at CreativeCloud for many years. The crux of all we have learned?

Simple really.

We produce value in society through two primary means of work:

  • repetitive work – or stated differrently standard work
  • innovative work – or stated differently non-standard work

Repetitive work is the world of recipe execution at speed and scale, of standard work and the removal of variability and waste, of mass manufacturing and mass service.


Innovative work is the world of innovation at speed and scale, of non-standard work, excellence at variability and removal of knowledge work waste, of creative destruction and disintermediation.


Baking cakes vs. Inventing cakes……


  • Order to Cash value chain & Service Request to Customer Satisfaction value chain
  • Concept to Cash value chain

For both kinds of work and value chain we want to remove waste and achieve efficient perfection. The same kinds of waste actually, but just manifesting differently: transportation, inventory, motion, waiting, over-production, over-processing, defects – or as the Lean acronym has it – TIMWOOD. For example see below for how Inventory waste compares between these kinds of value chains.


So who will identify and remove innovation waste? Executives? Management? Nope, the knowledge workers themselves, at whichever level they may be.

But in order to do this, your organisation must:

  • train your execs and knowledge workers at all levels on the tools and techniques to identify and remove innovation waste, within their specific domain of expertise and as part of a value chain whole
  • create an organisational structure and supporting processes enabling fast experimentation, feedback and adaptation
  • evolve architectures and engineering practices supporting fast experimentation and adaptation
  • evolve an organisational culture supporting fast experimentation, feedback and adaptation
  • if you use vendors, work hard to make them an integral, motivated member of your innovation factory

We are continually amazed at how organisations still struggle tremendously with the above, mostly caused by execs, metrics, middle management structures and processes that do not yet fully support or trust the concept of empowered knowledge workers working toward a shared goal in an environment of top-to-bottom openness and transparency.

At CreativeCloud we have shortened the Concept to Cash cycle for many organisations. We get you there through:

  • seeding your innovation teams with experienced innovators
  • managing your innovation project for you
  • executing your innovation project for you
  • partnering on your innovation project

Allow us to assist you in achieving your innovation goal.